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Sericite Germanium Soap - Testimonials from Japan

Japap Testimonals





I’m Hasegawa Yuki of the Germanium Unchanging Soap Agency in Japan.

“Moisturizing is a Key of the Skin Trouble,” is my old belief. I have been expecting that I wish to eliminate many thin ‘laugh line’ bothering me every time when I apply plentifully to my skin the cream or cosmetic essence which has high ability of moisturizing. Every morning and night when I wash and care my skin, I checked my face through mirror.

However, it was not easy to catch a visible improvement. At the time I was afraid to laugh myself out little by little, my father-in-law showed me a brand new soap and said that "Yuki, here is an amazing soap. Try it once!"

He is the man who are looking for the “Real Products” that are good for global environment as well as his and many other people’s body and health. There have been not so many products to convince him. Therefore I intended to use the soap right away out of curiosity.

Until then, I heard "Germanium" only from the name of "Germanium Spa" in which old persons enjoy themselves. My first surprise was soft and fine quality of bubble. Only with bubbling out a bit and putting it to net, a sink full of creamy foam was created in a moment. Additionally, the bubbles, it was a very rich long lasting foam. I was surprised again when I applied it to my skin, it did not run down easily and I felt good enough.

I could massage with a little foam and eliminate completely the residue of waterproof mascara or eye make- up after rinsing. My usual rough feeling skin soon turned into a slick touch skin. Finally I found brighter face of me like getting a peeling treatment in the mirror. However, I felt anxious about too high cleansing power of this soap. I thought that "This excessive strong cleansing ability may create more wrinkle due to the dryness.

My father in law added that “No need to apply the skin lotion or creams after using this soap.” So, I intended to leave my face as it was during that night only. But, surprisingly the result was far different from what I anticipated. Actually my age is not so young to stand all night without any moisturizer. ^^; And it also impressed on a makeup adaptability. Though I supposed there will be spots due to dry, the foundation was applied so beautifully. Coming to this point, I cannot help but admit that this soap is better than usual annoying moisturizing care.

3 days after using Germanium Unchanging Soap, making sure that there was a visible improvement on my laugh lines, I mutter to myself “This is a Real Product, isn’t this?” “Thanks father!”

Of cause I 'm using it every day. Now I can't imagine the skin care without this Germanium Unchanging Soap due to its immediate effect.

Dec. 5, 2006 Testimonial by Iwata (32 years) – Private Business

A friend of mine recommended it as an amazing soap, but I was a bit surprised to hear that the price was Japanese Yen 18,000. Considering the price Yen 3,500 of the facial soap I used, it was that of the high grade cosmetics. I got the pressure that the price was too expensive since it just washes the skin and flows away, unlike beauty cosmetics containing a lot of nutritive elements.

But my friend, who introduced the soap, looked very young with more splendid skin than the previous time, and little wrinkles I cared, although she was actually older than me. I made up my mind to use it after hearing that her face and skin had become tighter after using the soap. So I invested daringly for it.

Thinking thoroughly that it might not be so expensive, considering the fact that neither toilet lotion nor facial cream would be required, and shampoo and rinse could be replaced by this soap (Laughter), I decided to use it for my entire body - from head to toe. I used the soap lather well to make enough foam, since less foam can reduce the effect, and massaged repeatedly the body. From the 3rd day after using the soap, I noticed that the cared wrinkles disappeared. Furthermore, moisturized skin lasted all day long that I have never experienced. I am very pleased to keep my fresh skin till midnight, while it used to be darkened with tired look in the evening.

After using the soap for 10 days approximately, the wrinkles can’t be found and my face became fine. My husband touched my cheeks and told me, “Ah, it’s far different face.” It’s dry season now, however, moisturizing power of the skin seems better than before. (I am a bit surprised that I have not yet applied moisturizing cream.) Although I hesitated at first due to the price, I am confident that it has the special effects that other cosmetics don’t have. (Laughter) It actually has the value that deserves the price. The soap gives a little stiff feeling as the replacement of shampoo, but the dry head skin seems better than before. I lose less hair during hair wash, and love the faint scent that remains on my hair.

Dec. 2, 2006 Testimonial by a Lady in Kumamoto (50 years)

Mrs. Miyamoto introduced me the Germanium Soap during her visit, while I have been searching for a good stuff for face washing for a few years. I bought the soap at once and used it.

I heard that this Germanium Soap is also good for hair.

As you might wonder how you can shampoo with soap, I had an experience of the trouble after washing hair without shampoo. But I started to use it from the day getting back home, because Mrs. Miyamoto strongly recommended it.

My hair has got weaker since 2 – 3 years ago, and I care of the part and whirl in my hair

Now I shampoo as massaging with abundant foam of Germanium Soap like thick cream in order to make volume around the part on my hair.

I expect change and improvement in the near future.

Dec. 2, 2006 Testimonial by Kaoto in Tokyo

I am thankful for that I could get the information of Germanium Soap.

I already bathed with the soap 3 times.

And now I am surprised to see that glossiness and prickly heat have already disappeared. (I lost 2kgs of my weight…….. (^^;) And I will use it with care. (*^^*)

Dec. 2, 2006 Testimonial by Yasko Yoshida (45 years) – Tennis Coach

Bubbles of the soap are fine, and it feels soft to touch them. My skin is shiny now.

It’s difficult for me to care of my tanned skin, since I usually stay out of door for my work.

My skin turned young and moist after drinking Germanium mineral water, which is the raw material of Germanium Soap.

Well, I feel that the state of my skin has been improved by one step further after using Germanium Soap, comparing with the state in last summer. The tingling skin damages of sunburn are relieved very quickly. Besides, time of skin treatment after sunburn has been considerably reduced.

I use Germanium Soap for all my body, which is the most important asset for my living and business. The feeing after face washing is fresh, and cleansing power is far better than any other soaps.

Germanium Soap is one of my valuable treasures of great necessity.

Dec. 2, 2006 Testimonial by Asadawa – Yoga Instructor

Her Clients’ Case 1

Bathing with Germanium Soap activates up metabolism. Tiptoe of the people with cold physical constitution turns warm and reddish by a single use of the soap. And dry legs with horny tissues become smooth, shiny and moist as well.

I am surprised to see the stretch marks become faint. The scars are also getting dim.

I think that Germanium Soap is distinguished with its diversified functions.

Dec. 2, 2006 Testimonial by Asadawa – Yoga Instructor

Her Clients’ Case 2

It makes me feel good to wash my face with Germanium Soap. It’s really pleasant to touch the foam. Skin turns white after using it only a few days

[Whitening Effect], and liver spots and freckles became faint. Underwear got less dirt and remained clean. I can feel my skin became fresh.

I washed carefully with Germanium Soap the region of wound scar of which color has been slightly changed. The wound scar was almost eliminated. It seems that the soap is also effective for the scar from bleeding.

Dec. 2, 2006 Testimonial by Asadawa – Yoga Instructor

Her Clients’ Case 3

It’s helpful for preventing from exhausting physical strength to use Germanium Soap at the bath. That enables me to save time to extract toxins from the body by half-body bath after washing with the soap. And it makes easy to remove horny tissues at the back and buttocks where hands can’t reach with ease.

I could feel refreshed the next day.

As you know, women care about the back that hands can not touch easily.

When I use the soap at bath, body odor fades away due to the effect of removing sweat and toxin. Swell of legs and cold symptoms are reduced and horny tissues can be released easily, and my skin became so nice beyond recognition.

Dec. 2, 2006 Testimonial by Mayuza Wakimoto (25 years)

Medical College Student

I attempted to apply the samples of various cosmetics, since my skin is too sensitive and weak.

However it was hard for me to find the suitable face washing product, and finally I could meet Germanium Soap.

The soap is good for my sensitive skin that remains moist after washing face. I can feel damp on the skin due to harmony of oil and moisture. I wondered if it has the whitening effect, now I feel my skin became white than past.

Dec. 2, 2006 Testimonial by Tomoko Hasegawa (47 years)

– 2 Children’s Mother

All together, Germanium Soap provides nice feeling!

I like its snow-white and rich foam, and the silky feeling to touch.

When I use the soap, make up can be done well and such remaining as cosmetics on the face can be cleansed neatly. I feel refreshed at rinsing the face with water.

It enables me to wash my face cleanly without much effort.

I washed the face after removing remained cosmetics of make up with certain cleansing foam till recent days. But now washing face with Germanium Soap solves everything. Really it’s very convenient.

Dec. 2, 2006 Testimonial by Yoshida (38 years)

– 2 Kids’ Mother

I got uterine cancer at the age of 24, and the symptoms were developed so seriously that the whole womb might have been extracted. Fortunately I could avoid the extraction of the uterus, however, I got the treatment of injecting hormone for 4 years. So my skin was badly damaged.

My face particularly became dry like surface of desert due to the evaporation of moisture, and when I applied foundation on my face the make up was nearly cracked for lack of moisture.

I could not make up for shame.

I have tried various cosmetics made by top manufacturers, but in vain. I consulted medical doctors, and they answered, “The state of your skin was caused by the problem of the internal skin, so the issues of skin surface inevitably occur due to the internal problem.”

Then I could solve my big worry immediately after meeting with LeeGerma Soap in July last year. Moisturizing power remained on my skin, without applying any face lotion, after washing face with it just twice a day – in the morning and evening, wrinkles were reduced in relief, and my skin regained the vitality.

Thanks to the soap, foundation would not be cracked on my face, and I can make up well now.

Now I enjoy my life with pleasant mind and expression owing to LeeGerma Soap.

Testimonial by a Nurse (36 years)

My legs become swollen and shoulders grow stiff, as I should stand at work all day long. Now I do not feel tired any more the next morning, after washing body with this soap.

Testimonial by a Woman (25 years)

My skin got bouncy and glossy, and the make up effect became mild.

Testimonial by a Man (36 years)

My toned skin is always smooth. I can feel the change, when I touch my face.

Sweat can be washed well. Washing hair with the soap, I feel the root of hair became stronger. And l lose less hair than before. I enjoy my daily bath.

I use it in-lieu of tooth paste. It makes much foam in my mouth with pleasantly creaky feeling, and the symptoms of trench mouth disappeared the next morning.

I can arrive at my work place in time now.

Testimonial by a Lady (20 years)

My face became whitened after make up.

I’ve never expected such effect by soaps, however, my skin got moist and glossy.

I am deeply impressed with the effect of the soap.

Testimonial by a Woman (36 years)

Anxiousness before menstruation has disappeared.

My granulated skin of leg turned to be smooth and pretty.

Atopic Itching..... Aug. 17, 2007 (Fri)

Testimonial by a Man in Hyogo Prefecture (age of 50’s)

My body itched due to atopy, when I sweat during summer season.

Recently I have not felt itchy from sweat after bathing with LeeGerma Soap.

Thanks to it, now I can easily concentrate on my works.

Body Odor Disappears…      July 17, 2007 (Tue)

Testimonial by a Woman in Kyoto (age of 20’s)

I ooze sweat in summer. And I was embarrassed by nasty odor.

(Under a lot of stress)

I have tried various deodorant sprays, but in vain.

The awful body odor disappeared after washing body with LeeGerma Soap.

Nothing can be better than this soap

Testimonial by Hwaum in Tokyo

I brush my teeth with LeeGerma Soap…..

Tooth decay can be prevented, canker sore or trench mouth got well, and the teeth became much whiter

Although the irregular teeth can’t be helped, (^^;

And I was cured a bit of throat ache by cough.

It seems that I got the cure-all effect from oriental medicine ingredients of the soap.

Testimonial by a Man in Osaka (38 years)

Hearing the soap has the effect as tooth paste, I tried it. I was very surprised to see the canker sore got well only in a day.

In an Instance, Dry Skin... (*^_^*) March 31, 2007 (Sat)

Testimonial by a Housewife in Osaka (38 years)

The sample arrived today!!!

I washed with it twice.

At first, bubbles disappeared all at once.

For the second time, the foam did not disappear easily and attach to skin firmly, with the sound of bubbling up like soda water. Then I felt that it was different form other soaps I had used.

Fragrance was not so strong. And I was surprised all of a sudden to found that my skin became white greatly. (Laughter). I confirmed it several times looking into the mirror!

I have usually applied toilet water a few times since my skin is too dry, I did it only once today. Touching my face, I feel my face became a bit smaller (just because of the mood?). When I looked myself through a mirror, it seemed that the skin pores were shrunken. And cupping the chin in my hands, I could hardly recognize the flesh as my skin is too soft.

Glasses Mark Disappeared! March 31, 2007 (Sat)

Testimonial by a Woman in Fukuoka Prefecture

(35 years – Businesswoman)

I have been using the soap during last several weeks. As foam of the soap is abundant, I like it very much. I feel that the old spot on my face became faint.

And I had the glasses marks at the sides of my nose, but they are marvelously disappearing.

I hope that my skin will be cleaner by keeping on using it.

My Daughter’s Skin… Dec. 21, 2006 (Thu)

Testimonial by a Housewife in Hyogo Prefecture (35 years)

2nd report

After using the soap for a couple of week or so, the secretion of sebum on my face has been considerably reduced before the menstruation. I used to have the exceeding grease on my face before the menstrual period.

The spot on my arm has been faint, and the dark area due to wet packing turned to the natural and good looking state.

In case of my daughter, who suffered from atopy, the bad moist tetter at her elbow has been removed.

I was concerned that the moist tetter at her knee joint got worse, but I trusted Ms. “Beauty Body” (Laugh) and used it continuously It has been recently improved little by little, peeling off the ill skin.

Besides, color of the damaged skin got improved and whitened.

So my daughter uses it often making abundant foam, being convinced that the symptoms will be recovered provided she keeps on using it.

Incidentally my son, whose skin is by nature white, used the soap, and his skin became even whiter. I joked to him and laughed, “You are really a white man, aren’t you? (Laughter)

It has massage effect as well! Dec. 20, 2006

Testimonial by a Man in Saitama Prefecture

(35 years – Tennis Coach & Sports Trainer)

I have used Germanium Soap since a month ago or so. I like its rich and soft foam, feeling improvement of the troubled region of the body when the soap is applied, and massage the spot.

For instance, when I get fatigue at my arms, I massage the area with the soap. Feeling in the next morning is far better.

I think that it has the effect of whitening as well at face wash.

And in the season of year-end parties, the painful boil can be cured easily, without getting worse, by massage the region with abundant foam of the soap. I appreciate it. I often use it for the area of the nose to eliminate the pain.

I presume that the soap has the vital energy as various effects can be seen.

So to speak, as my job includes the vital remedy (treatments of touching patients to provide harmonious flow of vital energy…), whether it is only my feeling, I can feel similar energy from human body at the foam of Germanium Soap. I feel as if power of healing increases due to better flow of vital energy.

It’s Amazing! Just a Single Use, Dark-colored Mark... Dec. 5, 2006

Testimonial by a Housewife in Hyogo Prefecture (35 years)

I bought the soap with courage when my husband got the bonus, since its price was not negligible to a housewife. .(;^_^;;)

And today I used it as the first experience.

Although I don’t know much about various changes after using the soap as a beginner, I could feel surprisingly that the dark-colored mark, which had not been removed by ordinary baths, has disappeared.

I have usually experienced the feeling of skin shrinkage when I started to use a new soap, however, the soap is quite different from others. .(≥≤)

It has been my pleasure to use it for my daughter who has suffered from atopy.

I will write you again when I found another change.

Testimonials from Ms. Asadawa of Yoga Training Institute in Kyoto

Ms. Asadawa is the disciple of Mr. Hasegawa - Chairman of the project. She gives instructions of Oil massage and Thai massage as well as Yoga, and receives the advice from Mr. Hasegawa for better performance. She tested for herself at first according to the advice adding changes a bit to the conventional method, and it generated more effects on beauty and health promotion than what she had expected. She gave the treatment to the students of the institutes, and got very successful results.

And Mr. Hasegawa introduced her LeeGerma Soap in August last year. She was surprised to see the excellent effect of the treatment after washing entire body with the soap.