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Sericite The Golden Clay And Its Origins

Healing Stone is.. We love Nature and the Human beings. Healing Stone pursue LOHAS. Humans are from nature and nature is the best physician. Healing Stone products are devised to help enhance human's natural healing power by the high-exclusive technology. Gumcheon Germanium Corp. has been strived for years to develop daily Sericite golden clayhealthcare products for busy modern people to take care of themselves in the middle of their everyday lives.

Golden Sericite

Sericite - The Gloden Clay

The word Sericite is derived from the Latin word ‘Sericus’, meaning Silk, and is named for its beautiful shape resembling silk and its shape when it is melted in water. Sericite is a clay mineral stone, which makes it soft and easily crumbly like soil rather than stone. It is a natural mineral lumped together like a rock. Sericite is full of minerals, being used in the East since the past as medicine. It is recorded in ancient Korean medical books including Dong-eui-bo-gam and Hyang-yak-jip-seong-bang, as well as ancient Chinese medical books including Hwang-je-nae-gyeong and Bon-cho-gang-mok. Moreover, there are records that it has been used in the West as a ‘Pelo Therapy’ material for removing toxin by applying onto the skin. Seen as such, Sericite has been used in both East and West since the past as a beneficial mineral for the human body.sericite Westerners are very interested in natural minerals like a Sericite due to its remedial effects. If people ingests the natural mineral substance or applies it onto skin directly, it shows an apparent treatment result of inappropriate symptoms

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Sericite has a spicy taste, is of a medium nature and does notcontain any toxicity. It can be used to treat a surplus fat of body (obesity), paralysis, sudden cold and heat, motion sickness etc. In addition, it gets rid of the negative energy and makes internal organs comfortable and strengthens one’s sexual capacity, improves one’s sight and stabilizes a rush of blood to the head, and strengthen one’s bones and muscles.

Where Golden Sericite is found in Korea
Geographical location of Ockcheon Sericite Deposits in South Korea
From the geological map of Korea, it shows each segments according to the type of geological stratum, age and rock floor. The location of Okcheon, Chungbuk where our Sericite mine is located, has been classified as the "Okcheon system" because of its special stratum connected to Iksan, Jeonbuk including Okcheone-eup.

The ore deposits that turned into a Sericite intensification stratum was evovled over millions of years by a hydrothermal alteration from a clay-slate stone in Changlichung. This feldspathic portion consist of rock stratum of clay-slate stone was formed by hydrothermal alteration in parallel with clay-slate stone's lamination by the action of hornfelsization and chloritization.

How Sericite Clay is formed in the Ockcheon system in Korea
GUMCHEON Sericite, formed from the metamorphic reactions of the hot magma and water vapour from the eruption of a volcano in Mesozoic Era, Triassic Period, about 250 million years ago, it has evolved into its present form after undergoing a long oxidation period.

Pictures of surrounding areas around Gumcheon Sericite quarry mine in Chungbuk Ockcheon
Sercite Stream in Ockcheon System, Korea

Sercite Stream in Ockcheon System, Korea

Sercite Stream in Ockcheon System, Korea

The area where Sericite Okcheon Mine is located has been designated as the ‘Special Area for Reservation of Water Quality’ by the Korean Government under the city planning regulations. In other words, it is classified as the reserved area for environmental protection. It clearly indicates that the clean status of the area is strictly protected by the Korean Government. Sericite Okcheon Mine is developed under the eco-friendly environment.

Thoughtless development such as dynamite blasting is strictly disallowed in the Mine under the eco-friendliness policy and therefore the quantity of Sericite clay and ceramic production is limited and the development cost is high as a result.

The stream water in this area are extraordinarily rich in rare minerals containing up to 200ppm in Germanium and 91ppm in Selenium and is bottled without any further treatment like boiling before exporting. This high Germaium mineral water also has alkalinity ranging from pH 7.8 ~ 8.5 which is good for healthy living.

According to data from Japan's 「Life-water Research Institute」, the water in the regions, which are famous for the globally longevity villages such as Caucasus in Russia, Turpan of Uighur in China, Hunsa in Pakistan, and Birugabanba in Republica del Ecuador, the alkalinity  is similar  in range from about pH 7.8 ~ 8.5 too.


Sericite contains natural Germanium, Selenium and tens of tace elements that can help heal diseases and improve natural’s healing power without too much dependence on modern medicine. A complex action of these minerals can help to reduce the stresses of modern day living as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle, and treat or prevent diseases.